SA Type Electric Chain Hoist


  • Tough, Heavy-Duty Motor

Elephant’s unique design for a lower power consumption.

  • Reliable Electro-Magnetic DC Brake
  • Highly durable load chain manufactured in Japan by Elephant
  • Totally Enclosed Steel Plate Construction
  • Durable top and bottom hooks

Bottom hook with bearing smoothly swivels, 360°. In the event of an overload, the hook gradually elongates.  This elongation serves as an indicator to the end user, making them aware of the overload.

  • Chain Bucket Hard plastic
  • Limit switch Standard feature

Optional Overload Limit Device for the SA Hoists

Our new Torcon overload protection device is a slip clutch style.  In the event of an overload, the device actuates and prevents the hoist from continuing to lift. This mechanism protects the hoist from damage.

  • Single phase class B insulation with a short time duty of 25 minutes
  • Thermal protector – senses abnormal rise in temperatures within the motor and automatically shuts the motor down to prevent damage.

Optional Motorized Trolleys

  • MTS series motorized trolley, single phase, for combination with the SA electric chain hoists. 1/4t ~ 1 ton only.
  • Trolleys come with pivoting adapter for hook to hook type suspension or lug type suspension

Wiring – Simple Plug-In Type Connection

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